To Tile Or Not To Tile

Tiles Or Acrylic?

So, we are at the point where we have four walls and a roof in our new Blue Shaped Room and our builder is starting to ask questions which require me to have my thinking cap on : where do you want sockets? Light switches? Ceiling pendants and spot lights? All very exciting but not very creative. But then, we had to start ordering stuff for the bathroom – shower tray, toilet and sink. I even had to pretend to sit on a make-believe toilet just to work out how big/little we could have the bathroom/shed, and boy did my glutes know about it the next day!

But now, we are faced with a rather overwhelming conundrum of how to make the shower cubicle water tight, it’s the big question : Do we go for tiles or Acrylic?

Acrylic Shower Cubicle

There’s not a lot to say about acrylic, other than it comes in all different colours, so once you’ve chosen your colour scheme you’re off. We managed to find a complete kit for £200 – thats 3 panels (6m squared in total) plus the seals.

I do like acrylic, it appeals to my clean-freak nature (I HATE how grout in tiles goes orange, or even black!) but £200 just seems like a lot for a bit of plastic when you’re shelling out money left right and centre for other things. So at the moment it’s on the back burner and we’re considering other options.

A Tiled Shower Cubicle

So I’ve collected a few ideas in pictures and check out my Pinterest board too below. I haven’t quite decided so feel free to add your two penneth – I am interested!

Metro tiles in blue from George at Asda

Image : PR Shots – George at Asda

I’m not a massive fan of Metro tiles it has to be said (too many public loo’s decorated with them!) but I quite like the coloured versions, plus these aren’t totally flat either, a nice twist on an already very popular design choice.

White hexagon tiles for a bathroom - slightly quirky and very modern and contemporary

Image :

I totally love anything Bee related and this extends to my recent drool over these amazing honeycomb hexagon tiles. Unfortunately I’ve not found anything in our price-range yet but I think this would be my ultimate choice if money was no object!

Blue geometric tile

Image :

The same company also make these geometric blue and white tiles, although I actually think that it’s what they’ve done with the white set-back that makes this look so great, so I think if I went for these I’d also contrast them with a plain white tile too – maybe all white with a stripe of these?

Acrylic or Tiles for a bathroom splashback? That is the question! There are so many choices of ceramic tiles out there its hard to choose. I like the contemporary modern style but occasionally I find a bohemian or eclectic design that I quite like too. Click through for more ideas and inspiration.

I am LOVING this look! So far I think this is my favourite. I don’t know why it’s attracting me so much but usually I find room for a bit of blue in every room in my house so I guess this little shower room will be no exception. Navy and white are often my favourite colour pallet combination – the navy just makes the white seem so crisp. Unfortunately though, I am yet to find a plain matt navy tile for under £25 per m2! How hard can it be to make a plain tile!? The hunt will continue.

flowery moroccan style tiles

So here’s a total curve ball. You’ve probably guessed my style is more of the contemporary modern look and for the most part I would have to agree but I always seem to be drawn to the art deco and arts & crafts era too. Ignore the brick effect in the picture, it’s more the tiles I love and I wouldn’t have them all over the shower unit either – I think I would create a band about shoulder/waist height and finish the rest off with a plain neutral square tile. These were the kind of tiles I had visions of picking up in a junk yard or auction house, or even Gumtree, but alas the search has proved elusive. The whole thing about this new garden room we’re having built is the fun of making it a little ‘out there’ in it’s style and design – it’s not a part of the main house and, I don’t know, I just feel like I can justify something a little more outrageous than my normal clean lines.

So, the hunt continues. Eventually the choice will be made based on cost, but as I’ve proved with all my home decor or renovation projects, it IS possible to find some real gems out there for a fraction of the cost of similar items, so I shall keep looking. And, in the meantime, guest will have to run across the garden in a towel to shower in the main house 😉

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10 thoughts on “To Tile Or Not To Tile

  1. Fancy meeting you here on #HOMEETC!
    I’m loving following your Blue Shaped Room journey.

    You are really going to have to work on me with that last tile idea!!!!!! I’m thinking Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

    But, I’m a ‘safety girl’ so don’t listen to me! I really like the hexagons…All you need is a drywipe marker and you can play Blockbusters when you have a wee! In loo entertainment. Sorted!


    • alibali55 says:

      Haha, you are a total nutter! And you are not allowed in my bathroom ever again. At least not before a full blown security pat down for a black marker. And you best not be hiding one in your bra.

  2. Choosing tiles is really tricky. For out bathroom we went with white wall tiles above the bath with a stripe of wood effect tiles to tie in with the wood effect floor tiles. For the backsplash in the kitchen we found gorgeous blue and white tiles but they were really expensive. We got a panel of them behind the hob and tiled the rest of the wall in plain white. That has worked out well.
    Good luck choosing yours. #homeetc

    • alibali55 says:

      Yes – that’s the avenue I feel we’re going down : something special merged into something more plain and affordable.

  3. So many ideas to consider! I love the hexagons too but I also love the idea of going a bit arts and crafts! I hope you’ll share what you do go for! Philippa x #HomeEtc

  4. I would 100% go for tiles. That picture with he honeycomb tiles gets my heart beating faster. No need to worry about the grout, just make sure to give it a good spray with grout sealant, and you won’t have any problems at all wit it changing colour (I have white grout on our open plan floors and it’s just as white as it was three years ago when they were first fitted) 🙂 #Homeetc

  5. Love, love LOVE the hexagonal tiles!!! I’ve been drooling over them since I saw them on Becky (Pink’s Charming)’s IG feed a few week’s ago. Just gorgeous. And snorting to myself about Jane’s comment re Blockbusters whilst having a wee too. LOL!!!! Thanks ever so much for sharing with us on #HomeEtc 🙂 So fab to have you in our little community! xx

  6. I really love the geometric tiles, but I wonder whether they might be the kind of style that you could quickly go off. Actually, who am I kidding, I change my mind that quickly I could go off anything fast. I love the white hexagonal tiles too. There are too many decisions with renovating, right? xx

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