Hello Home Lovers!

Obviously this is not my home – A. I don’t live in Japan, I live in Nottingham, England. And, B. My garden is not this big – if it was I wouldn’t be writing to you guys, I’d probably be sipping a Bellini from my private yacht somewhere with the Hoff!

I was trying to find a beautiful picture of a little garden room at the bottom of some English country garden, but truthfully, that wouldn’t be my garden either. Currently my garden is under 2 foot of mud, dead clothes pegs are half sticking out of the grass from a recent clothes-line murder, and the BBQ is in tatters from last weeks storm Doris. It’s not looking good. However, the inspiration for this blog is the little beauty that will be, hopefully in 2 months time – a little garden room to call my own and fluff up in a manner to which I have become accustomed to.

I ought to get out there and take some photo’s so you can see our little work in progress but my bed  office is just so warm and cozy and I need another cup of tea before I brave the elements. But, you’ll be seeing plenty of photos in the days to come – updates on the progress and ideas and moodboards for our little office come guest quarters. I’ve already bought our first bit of furniture : an antique writing desk which will be upcycled with some moody colours – it’s all so exciting! Why don’t you sign up and come along for the ride – there’ll be paint swatches, lighting ideas and tutorials on how I create my individual pieces of art.

Happy to have you here – thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned!

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